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  • These reverse ( backconnect ) proxies are much faster than the regular scraped ones. Plus you dont have to fiddle around with scraping, testing, removing the bad ones. Great idea and service!

    Arron Rickerson

  • So far, a really great service. Bought yesterday and i've tested the proxies. The proxies are good for scrapping also. The post rate is still top notch compared to most other proxy providers i've tested.

    Alan Rodriguz

  • Wow these proxies are amazing! First day I used them and my LPM was over 100+ I have never had run that fast with previous proxies from other suppliers. I went ahead and signed up for the 50 port package might have to upgrade to the 100 port package soon hopefully the results stay the same in the future as of right now I am a very satisfied customer!

    Gregory Schult

  • Here are my two cents. Trust me I am not easily impressed and one of the laziest guys in the planet. But this guy must have done something nice to make me do this. 1. Proxies work great. 2. Customer support is off the hook. One of the most caring and focused individual I met in a while. You know the ones kind of start a business and want to automate it as much as they can, but this guy has done both. Automated everything but you can reach him when you need him. 3. Bit pricey but since you can have 10 connections for each port, so you really get 5 proxies x 10 = 50 connections. So, be smart and configure the software to make the most out of your investment.

    Les Goodale

  • The proxies provided via ReverseProxies ( Microleaves ) are really good. I've been testing and have had no issues whatsoever. While a lot of proxy providers want to limit you to 10 threads per proxy, ReverseProxies states you can use up to 100 threads. While I haven't tried to push the limits of the proxies I think that is a major plus with this service. I used to have a poor LPM but I have definitely noticed a better result in links per minute since using these proxies. All in all, I would recommend this service to anyone looking for quality dedicated proxies.

    Sherwood Bragan

  • These are the best and fastest dedicated & shared proxies i've ever used from any bhw provider. Everything running smoothly on 1000 threads. Highly recommended for SEO tools.

    Stewart Matthias

  • I had the chance to review these dedicated proxies and i must say they are very fast. There is no lag whatsoever.

    Francis Sheridan

  • Very high quality proxies, they work great with my SEO tools. I use them mainly for seo and i've seen an ~50% increase in lpm after switching from another provider. Binding the proxies to ips also helps with my custom tools. I also have active subscriptions to captcha solving and backconnect proxies from the provider. Keep up the good work.

    Don Damore

  • I made a test with a free account i got from shesdead. i started a explict captcha test for reCaptcha. For this i coded a tool which tests the captcha solver service over google recaptcha test website. At this website you can test the google recaptcha images. I let it run for 500 recaptcha images. The stats after this test showed a great and stable solving of the captcha images. Also the possible detected / real detected rate is nice. The test only included recaptcha images but shesdead service solves other captchas too. I got him as contact in skype and i'm more than happy with his quick and helpful support. For me the test showed that this service will be finally a very good solution.

    Morris Prue

  • I've extensively used spamvilla before it lost the grip. Now, this is real surprise. It's way better. Great speed and decent success rate are its forte. Hope it maintain its quality. Plus, support is excellent. Thank you ReverseProxies Team for this amazing service.

    Malcolm Shaw

  • Fast, reliable and scalable Geo-specific highly anonymous Proxy Server Platform & API Optimized for mass web scraping & rapid Search Engine data extraction without being blocked. Solutions for Software Developers, SEO & Digital Marketing professionals

    Gregory Tustin




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