Residential Proxies: What Are They and Why You Should Care?

Do you care about your privacy when you browse online?

If your answer is “yes”, then you should pay attention to proxy servers, but in case you’ve never heard about them or you’re still unsure why you would ever need one, here’s a simple explanation with everything you need to know.

What is a Proxy?

In order to explain the concept of a proxy server, let’s think about it as a gateway between us and the internet. Our computer’s information goes through a proxy server before reaching any website and then it goes back to us through the same process. But why?

Because proxies are one of the best ways to remain anonymous online. Here’s how they work: every computer comes with a unique IP address, that’s basically how the internet identifies your device. A proxy server works as an intermediary with a different IP address, which means that your original IP won’t be revealed to any website you visit.

A proxy server offers extra security, privacy, and functionality.

Thanks to a proxy you can access the internet through a different location, avoiding restrictions and keeping your identity safe. However, there are some limitations and that’s where residential proxies come in.

What is a Residential Proxy? 

While regular proxies are a useful tool, the IPs that they provide tend to come from data centers instead of real devices. This makes it easier for websites to discover patterns and behaviors that could expose your identity.

On the other hand, residential proxies, just like their name suggests, provide a residential IP that comes from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This means that each residential address comes from a real device and physical location, increasing your levels of anonymity.

That’s great and all, but what if that’s not your main concern. What if you have a company? How are residential proxies useful for that?

Two words: Data Harvesting.

One of the key features for businesses is the ability to imitate the behavior of regular users without being perceived as a bot, which would restrict your access or block your IP from a website altogether. Thanks to Microleaves, you can test how your marketing campaigns are running on other devices from anywhere in the world.

You can access any website like a brand new user without fear of restrictions, just like a real resident.

Do You Want to Learn More?

Are there more types of residential proxies? What are the differences between a proxy and a VPN? We will cover all of these questions and more in future articles, but that’s all for today!

Now you have a better understanding of why proxies are important for our online privacy and can appreciate a wide range of functions that go beyond that.

Do you want to unlock the internet like a pro? Stay tuned so you’re always in the know!


If you are someone who has to share a proxy with more than 2-3 people, then a shared proxy is all that you need. Sometimes it gets very hard for a proxy user to choose the right type of proxy since there are many types available on the internet. While you look up the internet and try to figure out the right one, we are here to help you with choosing it for you. Microleaves is one of the best proxy providers present on the internet and what makes them the best is something that we will learn today.

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