If you are someone who has to share a proxy with more than 2-3 people, then a shared proxy is all that you need. Sometimes it gets very hard for a proxy user to choose the right type of proxy since there are many types available on the internet. While you look up the internet and try to figure out the right one, we are here to help you with choosing it for you. Microleaves is one of the best proxy providers present on the internet and what makes them the best is something that we will learn today. Despite the fact that there are things that matter when you plan on buying the right proxy type, the first thing that matters is the usage requirement. Getting back to the shared proxy, let’s get started with knowing what is shared proxy and why do you need one.

What Is Shared Proxy

Shared proxy works best when you have to share it with a group of people. As the name can tell, such proxies are mostly used by companies and organization. Shared proxy can be accessed by a number of people instead of just one. One of the best advantages of using a shared proxy is that it comes in handy as compared with other proxy types. Along with a shared use of a proxy, the cost of the proxy can also be shared which won’t become a burden on a single shoulder. Talking about the cost of shared proxy, Microleaves has designed special packages which are super affordable for all types of classes.

Speed With Shared Proxy

Although a shared proxy is used by multiple people at the same time, it still does not affect the speed of the internet. When you purchase a shared proxy, you need to make sure that the proxy is not accessed by more than 3-4 people. Otherwise, it will result in slow internet speed or sometimes it may totally shut down the internet if accessed by a lot of users. Brief usage and burden is always recommended when you use a shared proxy so make sure the usage is rightly followed after you have purchased a shared proxy. Microleaves makes sure that you get the best out of what you are buying, that is why they offer best shared proxies with fast speed.

Security With Shared Proxy

Another great feature that is offered by Microleaves shared proxy is high security to its users. There is no doubt that the world of internet is filled with millions of online threats and hackers. On the other hand from social profiles to online transactions, everything is dealt with via the internet. To make sure that no anonymous entity accesses your data, it is evident you make a purchase from a reliable source. The second most important thing is that you make sure that your proxy is shared with trusted sources only. You will find many shared proxies free of cost, but when it comes securing your data, free proxies do not work that efficient.

Anonymity With Shared Proxy

After security, another important feature of shared proxy is anonymity. To make sure your date is safe, it is important that you do not let any online threat approach you in the first place. Now you must be wondering how you would make it possible. Well, do not worry! with Microleaves shared proxy, you can make it happen in a matter of a click. Any external source will not be able to approach you if you are backed up by multiple IP addresses. This feature is only provided by Microleaves.com. To know more about shared proxy, it is highly recommended that you visit them today.

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