Residential IPs: Why They Are The Best Option?

Residential IPs: Why They Are The Best Option?

Almost everyone uses a proxy at least once in a while, for whatever reasons, that is nothing of our concern. Some use it occasionally, while others literally depend on proxy networks. If you follow a proxy forum online, such as the black hat SEO forum, you must have seen a lot of posts where the forum members offer 100% residential IPs. According to these sellers, the IPs they sell are way better than the those of proxy network provider companies, who only have datacenter proxies with them.

In this blog, we will tell you about why residential IPs are so hot in the market. But before we do that, it is important to establish the difference between residential IPs and other IP types. Moreover, it is important to know why the former is the best option to conceal your identity in the online work.

What are Residential IPs?

In the simplest of definitions, residential IPs are IP addresses provided by real ISPs to real residential users. This is contrary in nature to the datacenter IPs. The datacenter IPs are provided by a third party source and they do not belong to a real ISP or a household connection.

Why Are They the Best Option?

For online security agencies, residential IPs are almost a no threat. This is because of the reason that residential IPs belong to a real user sitting provided by a genuine ISP. With the increasing security measures, proxies and VPNs are blocked by many websites, especially the other types of IPs such as datacenter IPs come on the top of block list. On the other hand, residential IPs are on the safe side and they are not blacklisted unless they detect something fishy in the activity from a residential IP.

Being a more reliable option, residential IPs are more expensive then the datacenter IPs. Moreover, due to increasing demand, the availability of residential IPs in large number is fairly difficult. But regardless, if you want to work with an IP network that isn’t blocked every other day, the residential IPs are the best option.

Tips To Buy Residential IPs

If you have ever tried to look for a residential IP seller, you must have been baffled by the number of sellers online who claim to have the best quality stock of residential IPs. But you know that not everyone speaks the truth in the online world. It is quite difficult to decide on the seller when there are so many options which seemingly look similar in offers. If you are in such a situation, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have gathered some tips and tricks for you to get hands on some real IPs.

Don’t Go For Big Names

While some blogs might suggest you to try big names in the industry, we tell you to go the other way round. And we have some solid reason to back our opinion. Big companies such as Luminati, are saturated with customers. Residential IPs, being so hard to generate and then maintain, are always available in a limited number. When more and more customers flock in, Companies start to run out of their stock. In place of showing their empty hands, what big companies do is pretty shameful; they sell datacenter IPs presenting them as residential IPs.

Also Don’t Buy From an Unknown Seller

Avoiding big names in the industry doesn’t mean that you go and deal with any random guy in the market. There is so much fraud in the business of residential IPs. Thousands of IP network sellers exist only on papers. That is why, you must do a little bit of research before settling on any decision. A good way is to consult an expert on a reliable online forum. Give him a rough idea on your residential IP requirements and he will tell you a few good names of the sellers. To conclude this section, you should do business with a company that is not a self-proclaimed king of the jungle. But it should be a known-enough company with some real business and real operational infrastructure.

Final Words

Every type of IP will be able to conceal your identity; there is no point in using one otherwise. However, online securities know whether you are connected to a datacenter IP network or using normal residential IPs. So, to ensure that you don’t get bothered too much by the security protocols, you should use residential IPs for your business. Also, buying IPs from a lesser known but reliable seller is important to get better results.

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