Learn Everything About Shared Vs Private Vs Dedicated Proxy

Learn Everything About Shared Vs Private Vs Dedicated Proxy

Proxies work as mediators which are hired by companies or individuals to work on the internet. In simple words, proxy works as a bridge between your requests and the internet. Another purpose of these proxies is that they hide your actual identity and make it anonymous for the user to surf the internet. These proxies also protect the identity and IP address of the user so that no website is able to detect your frequent visits. This information is just general about how proxies work, now let’s take a look at some of the major proxy types. To start with, let’s take a look at Shared Vs Private Vs Dedicated Proxy.

Shared Proxy
As you can judge by the name of this proxy type, a shared proxy is used by more than an individual. When a user is connected to the internet through a shared proxy, it means other people can access it too. While there are many disadvantages of using a shared proxy, there are still some benefits which you should consider. As compared with the other proxy types, shared proxies are mostly free or very inexpensive. This makes it affordable for all types of users. Another great benefit of this proxy is equally sharing the cost. Yes! you can share the cost of the server with the other users who you are sharing the proxy with. When you are using a shared proxy, you can use it for specific hours. After a certain time, you can switch it if you want. Shared proxies also play a vital role when a user has to work on the SEO of something. For example if you have to work on increasing a page rank or keyword ranking, a shared proxy is all that you need. Moreover, shared proxy is compatible with both SOCK5 and HTTPS as well they work fine with all types of devices.

Private Proxy
Again, you can judge this type by the name of the proxy; this one is used solely by an individual. As compared with the other proxies, a private proxy has many advantages. To begin with, you must know that only one individual has the access to use this proxy. It hides your IP or MAC address better than any other proxy types which protects your presence on the web. The best thing about a private proxy is that it ensures complete anonymity on the internet. And you can easily surf the web for as long as you want without having to worry about getting flagged. Since you are the only one who is using this proxy, it is evident that you get dedicatedly fast internet speed. A private proxy can easily circumvent any type of blocked website and you are free to bypass firewalls and filters. Along with the normal websites, you can also visit any search engine and enter as many requests as you want.

Dedicated Proxy
Dedicated proxy is mostly preferred by people with business needs. Yes! These proxies work best when you have to fulfill your business level tasks. You will be able to get the best results out of the efforts you make, when you are connected through a dedicated proxy. To ensure maximum protection, a dedicated proxy can never be accessed by any outsider. This fulfils the purpose of buying something that guarantees high anonymity. Another great benefit of using a dedicated proxy is that it works best when a user has to work on advertisement tasks. Since Google has some strict advertisement policies, a dedicated proxy is all that you need in order to get the best results.

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