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The Importance Of Using Shared Proxies

Proxy servers are simple intermediaries that individuals and companies use when working on the internet. A proxy usually acts as a buffer between a user and the internet. With proxies, the internet protocol address of the user can be hidden. You can use proxies for secretly surfing the internet without any distortions.

With a secret proxy server, you can protect your browsing habits, location, and preferences while shopping, working or playing online games.

A proxy will help to unveil the properties of a given website even if you have been initially blocked. This can be achieved when a proxy server uses a firewall to overcome the security of any website. Currently, there is a gamut of proxy servers available for your use.

By typing proxy server list, you can easily find tons of places to navigate for help. There are free proxies to use and while others may require you to pay some couple of dollars.

In most cases, you will discover that paid proxies remain dedicated in nature. This will provide you a faster, reliable and secure experience.

In case, you are envisaging to purchase a proxy server, it is important to know that there are several types to select from. Selecting a proxy can as well be dependent on your budget, desire for anonymity and intention of use.

For the sake of simplicity, this article will be cascaded on shared proxies.

You will be able to discover the benefits, features and other uses of shared proxies in this content.

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What Are Shared Proxies ?

Shared proxies are often used by several people. Just as the name implies, it simply means that if an organization or individual decides to make use of a shared server, the proxy will be available for several people and not only you.

Industry professionals usually give warnings on the usage of a shared proxy. However, they can as well provide you with tons on advantages. With a shared proxy server, the cost of using the service will be spread among several users.

This makes the cost of using a shared proxy cheap and affordable for users. In fact, there is every possibility to find many shared proxy servers for free without paying a dime.

Shared proxies can be utilized with applications and website browsers. If the applications support a proxy use, then you will not experience any difficulty using the service or program.

Shared servers can support both SOCKS5 and an HTTP service.

Certain shared servers can help you with search engine optimization programs that require harvest information from the internet such as a page or keyword ranking.

If you need multiple proxies that can be used for a couple of hours, then shared servers are the best option. With this simple explanation, it is clear that shared servers can serve you for a couple of wonderful reasons.

People who have a small budget for using proxies can always depend on a shared server to provide the required resources in a time of need.

The Properties Of A Shared Proxy:

Just like every other proxy, shared servers have their unique properties. This is a unique way for differentiating between a shared proxy and other servers. In this paragraph, you will discover great and exciting properties that make shared servers unique.

1. Shared Proxy Speed:

With shared proxies, you have several people using a given server at the same time.

This will only overload the bandwidth and make the user’s internet slow and frustrating. In fact, you may experience a total shutdown with the entire internet connection due to enormous users.

If you are searching for free proxies, then the internet access will be slow generally. The major reason is that you have so many people on the server at the same time.

On like the case of a dedicated server, you are the only one using the proxy service. This also means that you will get higher speeds when using a dedicated proxy.

Personal proxies deliver and protect your privacy without any dangers of exposing crucial data. Shared servers will ultimately provide you with a slow internet connection speed.

In most cases, slow internet speeds may affect your work, online activities, and other important stuff. When selecting a shared proxy, it is important to have in mind the speed of the connection.

2. Security:

Security is another important property of a shared server.

Without any iota of doubt, you will find a plethora of spammers and hackers on free shared proxy servers. This is simply because you have several people using the server at the same.

On this note, it is clear that your personal information may be compromised by any intruder during the browsing process. It is also important to know that your company or private data, including financial information and credit card detail, is dangerously exposed.

A shared server can usually infiltrate your PC and have access to credit data, passwords and even capture the browser’s activities to attack other websites.

While a dedicated server may not expose your personal data, a shared proxy will lack the ability to secure any public information, time and again.

There is no unique security code attached to using a shared server. For this reason, you are always at risk for using a shared proxy.

It simply means that a shared proxy security measure is limited. In fact, you do not have control over the security strength of a shared server.

It is better to avoid using a shared proxy for comprehensive data work. This is the only way that you can be liberated from any intruder’s attacks.

Companies or individuals will always be at a huge risk for using any shared server connection. Remember that your privacy is highly important today in a world of insecurity.

3. Reliability:

When using a proxy of any kind, reliability should always be a great factor to consider.

Now, most free shared proxy servers don’t require any means of authentication or registration. Another nagging issue is that free shared proxies can take the whole of your time.

In a nutshell, testing shared servers remain time-consuming. Shared servers are PCs that can be hijacked by spammers and hackers. They may also belong to someone else.

This means that shared proxy servers often go and come without any guarantee. In some cases, you may not find the accessibility and availability of shared servers to anyone.

Even while using a shared server, you will discover it has disappeared without your notice. This is not the case for dedicated servers that may last for a long time.

Dedicated servers are not compromised by any spammer or hijacker making them easy and reliable to use. Dedicated servers are specially designed for just one person.

The reliability of shared servers cannot be guaranteed since you may not be the rightful owner of the proxy. On this note, you may experience difficulty keeping up with the reliability of a shared server.

When using a shared proxy, it is expedient to know that the proxy will not provide you with reliable or guaranteed solution.

In most cases, people often make use of shared servers because of their budget. However, your privacy and security are always on the line for using shared proxy servers.

4. Anonymity:

Anonymity should not be ignored when using proxies.

Anonymity is the feature of a proxy that helps to secure your geographical location.

If you do not want any external source or user to see your location while browsing, proxies can offer the best solution.

When an external source can discover your location while browsing, there is every possibility to attack you easily. Most shared servers are usually operated by unknown or bad people.

These websites may be liable to exposing your private information. Another important thing to know about most shared servers is that they are always transparent.

This implies that your internet protocol address will be visible to other users. In this case, you may be attacked while using the internet on a shared server.

Dedicated proxies are always private and secure. This means that your internet protocol address will be protected from unscrupulous users.

In fact, you will remain invisible to other users when working on a private server. Since the security of a shared server is limited, you may be liable to instant attack by mere seeing your IP.

Your IP is special and important and should be guided while working on the internet. If your IP is exposed to other users, then be ready to face the music.

This is all you get for using a shared proxy service. Some shared proxy servers may claim to protect your anonymity.

However, this may just be the joke of the century because other people can easily notice where you are browsing from.

If anonymity is not your problem, then using a shared server is never a big problem. The truth is that your security and personal information will always be in jeopardy for using a shared proxy, time and again.

5. Cost:

When planning to buy a proxy, it is crucial to ensure that you can use the server with any application or browser.

The costs of purchasing proxies vary considerably.

With some shared proxies, you may just download without paying any fees. Nevertheless, with dedicated proxies, you may be requested to pay a monthly or one-time fee.

The truth is that dedicated proxies are highly expensive than shared servers. This is because you are paying for the speed and reliability of the proxy.

Checking if consumer support is available remains a great factor to consider when planning to purchase a proxy. It is almost a necessity on the ability to access an accurate, quick and friendly support 24/7.

Working online is highly important for corporations and individuals. On this note, it is a nice idea to check if your proxy remains intact.

It is also important to ensure that the proxy you are using has a support team via, Live Chat, email, or phone. In some cases, you will discover that shared proxies may not be free at all.

These servers are designed to unleash a gamut of complications and problems for the end users. The only price that can be attributed to purchasing a shared proxy is the cost of exposing your personal information.

This gives untrusted and unknown intruders the opportunity to attack you without any prior notification. When the proxy fails, you may find it difficult to receive any help from shared proxies.

Dedicated proxies are different in their own approach and design. Dedicated servers have a cost attached to them. Nevertheless, the cost for these proxies varies in a wide range.

The credibility factor should not be ignored when making a decision to purchase shared servers. From research and feasibility study, it is clear that dedicated servers are highly expensive than shared proxies. The cost or price of any shared proxy may be free or worth a small fee.

6. Advertising And Spam:

The spam and advertising factors play a great role when planning to use a proxy.

This content will help you discover how advertising and spam can affect the value of a shared proxy.

Do you know that the service provider for shared proxies can market your email address?
These providers do not have anything to lose when dealing with shared server users. On this note, they can sell your email to other companies without any prior notification.

It is also an avenue of installing viruses and adware to your PC. When you are logged in onto shared proxies, there is every possibility to discover unprecedented advertisement banners.

This may also help to connect you to the internet unknowingly. The fact is that your technology devices will be susceptible to malware when using a shared proxy.

With a dedicated proxy, your PC will be highly protected. Your personal information will not be divulged to other users by exposing the IP address.

It makes the entire process difficult for anyone to interfere with any information belonging to you or your PC system. Shared proxies often come with poor advertisements that can help spam users to attack you easily.

A Couple Of Things That User Should Know:

Shared servers are cheap and people with a small budget often go for this option. These servers can as will work with SOCKS proxy services.

One great benefit of SOCKS proxy servers is that they can support any type of online traffic. However, it remains a slower procedure. A shared server can as well work with HHTP proxies.

It is important to know that HTTP protocol can only operate traffic that begins with SHTTP or HTTP://. Remember that these servers can only be used for surfing. HTTP proxies will secretly prevent your internet protocol from revealing to others for basic checks.

It is expedient to know that HTTP traffic is never encrypted. Shared proxies are used with applications and website browsers.

If the applications support a proxy use, then you will not experience any difficulty using the service or program. Shared servers can support both SOCKS5 and an HTTP service.

Certain shared servers can help you with search engine optimization programs that require harvest information from the internet such as a page or keyword ranking.

If you need multiple proxies that can be used for a couple of hours, then shared servers are the best option. With this simple explanation, it is clear that shared servers can serve you for a couple of wonderful reasons.

With shared proxies, you have several people using a given server at the same time. This will only overload the bandwidth and make the user’s internet slow and frustrating.

Imparted intermediaries will eventually give you to a moderate web connection speed.

Most of the time, moderate web locations may influence your work, online exercises, and other essential items. While selecting a mutual intermediary, it is essential to have at the top of the priority list the speed of the connection.

Security is another vital property of a common server.

A common server user can for most of the time invade your personal computer and have admittance to credit information, passwords and even catch the program’s exercises to assault different sites.

While a private server may not uncover your own information, an open intermediary will do not have the capacity to secure any open data, over and over.

Another pestering issue is that free shared intermediaries can take the entire of your time. More or less, testing open servers remain tedious.

Shared servers are personal computers that can be captured by spammers and programmers. This implies that shared intermediary servers frequently go and come with no certification.

You may not discover the openness and accessibility of shared servers to anybody. Indeed, even while utilizing a common server, you will find it has vanished without your notice.

The unwavering quality of shared servers can’t be ensured since you may not be the legitimate proprietor of the intermediary. On this note, you may encounter trouble staying aware of the dependability of a mutual server.

At the point when utilizing a mutual intermediary, it is convenient to realize that the intermediary won’t give you dependable or ensured arrangement.

Obscurity is the property of an intermediary that secures your geographic area.

Since the security of a common server is restricted, you may be obligated to frequent assault by simply seeing your IP. Your internet protocol is unique and essential and ought to be guided while taking a shot at the web.

If your internet protocol is presented to different clients, then be prepared to acknowledge the cold hard truth. This is all you get for utilizing an open intermediary benefit.

Some common intermediary servers may claim to ensure your secrecy. The expenses of buying intermediaries differ extensively.

With some mutual intermediaries, you may simply download without paying any expenses. All things considered, with devoted intermediaries, you might be asked for to pay a month to month or one-time charge.

It is likewise vital to guarantee that the intermediary you are utilizing has an effective support service accessible by telephone, Live Chat, and email.

Now and again, you will find that common intermediaries may not be free by any stretch of the imagination. These servers are intended to unleash a range of difficulties and issues for the end clients.

The main value that can be ascribed to buying a mutual intermediary is the cost of uncovering your own data. This gives untrustworthy and obscure gatecrashers the chance to assault you with no earlier warning.

The spam and promoting elements assume an awesome part when planning to utilize an intermediary. This article will help you find how publicizing and spam can influence the estimation of a mutual intermediary.

With a dedicated intermediary, your PC will be much secured. Your own data won’t be disclosed to different clients by uncovering the IP address. It makes the whole procedure troublesome for anybody to meddle with any data having a place with you or your personal computer framework.

Uses Of Shared Proxies:

  1. Shared proxies are designed to provide great benefits and features that can be used for a gamut of purposes. Read on to discover the users of a shared proxy.
  2. Shared servers can be used for caching your web browsers. There is every possibility for caching to improve the speed of your online response. Studies have shown that a caching server can return responses quickly if the file already existed on your cache.
  3. Shared servers can be used to ultimately surf the internet without delay. If you do not have enough money to purchase a proxy, simply go for a shared server.
  4. Shared proxies are cheap to purchase and can be used to explore banned websites. Before using a shared proxy, it is important to do proper a test and check. You can find several efficient proxy checkers on the internet today. This will help you check tons of proxies in an ephemeral of time.
  5. Since you will not be the only one to use the proxy, then the costs are shared among other people. This remains the primary reason why most people like purchasing shared servers.
  6. Shared servers can also help to know other people using the proxy. Users are liable to get several internet protocol addresses to access a shared server. Even if it is not secured, you may as well get quick speeds to improve your browser. People who like doing light work may have quick access to shared servers, time and again.
  7. The setup time for shared servers is usually quick. Free shared proxies may be accessible immediately after login.
  8. Users may simply connect to the server without any registration process.
  9. You can always test a shared proxy to identify its source.
  10. There is no number of limit for people using a shared proxy. You can be connected with different people and several proxies at the same time.

How Shared Proxies Work?

Shared servers have their own unique plans and ways of operating.

On Microleaves, you will discover several plans such as 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and just to mention a few.

It is also important to know that each shared server plan has a varying cost for users. Below is a simple step on how to use shared servers.

Step 1:

The first step to take when planning to use a shared proxy is by selecting the plan required. The plan should always be with respect to your urgent needs. For this reason, it is expedient to properly check through the plan available from your selected service provider. Once you have thoroughly checked your plan, go ahead to the checkout and make your payment.

Step 2:

The next step has to do with your payment process. At this juncture, you will have to access the payment of your selected service provider. Some service providers have different payment methods such as PayPal, check, or other e-wallet systems. PayPal payments will not take much time for processing. In fact, PayPal will immediately process your payment after order. In your welcome email, ensure to click on the confirmation link. This shows that your payment has been approved for processing and the service ready to be delivered.

Step 3:

For most service providers, it does not take much time to deliver the order. Research has also shown that most companies will deliver your proxy order within a space of fifteen minutes after payment. On this note, to avoid delay or any inconvenience, it is a good idea to always ensure that your selected payment method has funds. If PayPal is not properly funded as required, there may be a decline of the order. Ensure that your payment method is funded to enable you to use the shared proxy service.

Step 4:

If you want to get your proxy list, go ahead to login into the user panel. The user control panel is where you will have the opportunity to do anything with shared proxy services. In your user control panel, you will find a list of proxies in the internet protocol port. The format of the internet protocol provided to you can either be SOCKS5 and HTTP. You can go ahead to select the best format that satisfies your immediate curiosity.

Step 5:

Finally, you can make use of the proxies in your browsers. Users also have the opportunity of using other software to enjoy the entire process.

The Benefits Of Using Micoleaves Shared Proxy Service:

Our shared proxies are hosted on 1GBps connection and each proxy is shared among 3 members.

We have 24/7 customer support service for potential clients.

Using our shared proxy service guarantees you 99.9 percent uptime.

This means that your website will always be available for use. Our company operates with three days money back guarantee.

If clients are not satisfied with our service, you can immediately apply for a refund within three days. We have several internet protocol addresses that can be immediately used by clients.

Our time of delivery is highly exceptional. Our company will provide customers with immediate scaling solutions. This implies that your order is instantly processed and scaled for usage.

We are located in the United States of America where having access to any proxy is always possible. Customers can start using our shared servers immediately.

The integration process will only take about two minutes to setup. This is because most of our software support proxies are always ready for use.

Our shared proxy service is the cheapest that you can find in the entire industry. This is because we have clients in mind prior to operating. Our customer support service is always available to render the best assistance that you need. You can give us a call today for more information.


When connecting to the internet, you will be provided an IP address by your ISP.

When you view emails, surf the web, download a film, or play online video games from the internet, your IP address enables the geographic location and activity to be tracked quickly.

You will have to hide your actual internet protocol address with a shared proxy to surf the web. When using a shared server, it implies that you are not directly accessing a given web page.

With the help of a shared proxy, you will be able to navigate a website without any difficulty. In fact, you will be able to get to your final destination on a given website.

Remember that shared proxies cannot protect your personal information or privacy.

However, using a shared proxy address instead of your internet protocol detail will help to connect to other servers available for use.

The only way to protect yourself against hijackers is to stop doing any personal activity online when using a shared proxy. Shared servers often claim to be free.

Nevertheless, nothing can be free in this world without a small fee.

If you are looking to protect your private data and other important information, then a dedicated server is the best option.

Dedicated servers will give you peace of mind and total ecstasy in a time of need. While shared proxies may have their own benefits, it is important to always weigh the advantages and disadvantages before using one.

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