Most Frequently Asked Questions About How The Best Backconnect Proxies Work

Best Backconnect Proxies

Most Frequently Asked Questions About How The Best Backconnect Proxies Work

What do you do before buying a new smartphone or a new laptop? Of course, you do an online search. Read reviews and try to understand if it fits your needs within the budget you have. Now, imagine investing a large amount of money in buying the best backconnect proxies and not knowing its most important features.

Let us face the fact that proxies are expensive. You would not want to invest money without knowing what you are getting into. Before you go ahead and buy the best backconnect proxies from a reliable service provider like, let me answer the most frequently asked questions about how these proxies work.

How expensive are the best backconnect proxies?

First thing first. Backconnect proxies are going to cost you about $125 for 25 proxies. The price goes up to $1500 for 300 proxies. There are a number of packages in between these two slabs that you can easily upgrade or downgrade according to your needs. If you have much bigger needs, you can also get one of the special packages. Such packages can even get you more proxies at an affordable cost.

As mentioned earlier, backconnect proxies are expensive but there are some services like that have amazing offers that you can avail and get to work. Every transaction is encrypted because of e the payments that go through a secure gateway.

How does the routing work?

If you have decided to go with to get the best backconnect proxies, they offer their very own P2P routing service. This service will allow you to browse anonymously by routing requests. If you are using it for crawling and data mining, this is the best P2P network that you are going to get in order to fulfill your business needs.

Routing is quite important when it comes to maintaining speed while keeping your actual IP address hidden. You can trust on the state of the art P2P routing mechanism to make the maximum use of bandwidth.

How to get started with backconnect proxies?

The process is super easy. The entire system is automated which means once you sign up and provide your billing information, you can start by choosing the right package for yourself. To ensure authentication, the system will ask you to enter a list of static IP addresses. The entire process will take about five to ten minutes to complete. No strings attached at all.

Your control panel is the one place from where you can manage all the purchases and orders. Once you have active orders in the control panel, you can control the list of IP addresses and perform all the necessary actions. Everything from account management to purchases management can be done from inside this control panel.

Does it offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. Authentic service providers like give a 3-day money back guarantee on the purchase of any package. If you are satisfied with the system, you can go ahead and unleash its true potential. In case you think it is not something you were looking for, you don’t need to regret. The money back guarantee has got you covered.

The money back guarantees also covers up for the fact that most of the best backconnect proxies would not allow you to run a test without making a purchase. In fact, there is an even better deal that will allow you to use the complete features of the system for 3 days and if you don’t feel comfortable, you get your money back. Stop wondering that you will ever get a better deal than this. 

Can you select the location of servers?

The best backconnect proxies always allow you to choose the location where you want the servers to be located. This is one of the best parts about using services like Not only this, you can also select a country per port groups which means a whole lot more control in your hands.

The best backconnect proxies are also hosted from off-shore locations. These are usually cheaper but offer an optimal performance. No matter where your proxy server is hosted, you always have the maximum bandwidth available to you.

Can SMTP be setup with backconnect proxies?

Yes, you can always configure a webmail of your choice with the backconnect proxy servers. Some companies block the SMTP by default. It is because, at times, this feature is abused so harsh, IP addresses usually get blacklisted. In order to keep things clean, the server managers block SMTP but you can always switch on and use as an email server.

The choice is always yours to make the right configuration depending upon your requirements. It doesn’t matter what client you are using as long as you do not abuse the webmail ports.

How open is it to crawling?

Companies always want to make sure that every action taken through the service is under the laws of your country. These actions are not meant to abuse the system. The best backconnect proxies, through a license agreement, allow you to extract data through crawling and perform data mining tasks.

You must always be aware that in some jurisdictions, data extracted through crawling might be in conflict with the regulations. It might even be a violation of the terms of service by the website that you are going to crawl in order to extract data. This is why you need to be aware of the situations under which you can or cannot perform operations like data mining and data extraction by whatever means using the service.

How many IP are usually there in the network?

The number of IP addresses usually differ from company to company. TOR has about 20,000 IP addresses in its network. Microleaves has a colossal network of over 26 million best backconnect proxies. Such a huge network of residential IPs is managed internally through a rotation management architecture which will allow you to send any kind of request you want.

Some of the requests you can send through the best backconnect proxies include HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. One of the best things about such huge network of IP addresses is that the failure rate is under 1%, which is a huge benchmark in the proxy industry.

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