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One of the most common problems which we encounter everyday is slow internet connection. This problem is very common when a user is connected to the internet through a proxy. Think about any high definition video you had watched and it was loaded fast. No matter what the case is, everyone has encountered slow internet problem at some point of their lives. To make sure this problem does not persist, Microleaves is the only organization which provides you with the fast proxy network. Most of the proxy service providers provide slow internet speed but that is not the case with when you buy from Microleaves.

Why Microleaves is the best Fast Proxy Network

Obviously everyone wants to surf the internet without having to face any kind of instability. And this is something that is highly guaranteed by Microleaves. Moving on, the second most amazing benefit is that you get to surf the internet in a fast as well as secure way. More importantly, the proxy network is designed in such a way that it changes the IP addresses automatically. For all the proxy users who are looking for a fast proxy network, Microleaves is the right place to visit.

Why Proxy Network are slower Than Microleaves

There is one simple principle for all the proxy networks and it is forwarding your online traffic. Each of the user requests is forwarded through proxy networks which make them slow in performance. When requests are forwarded through separate servers, they make a user’s presence anonymous.  A user is never connected to the website directly. Before you visit any website, you must share the request with the server first and then it directs you to the website you with to visit. When you visit a website through this process, no website is able to track your IP address or server location.

Proxy networks are one of the great ways to surf the web anonymously. The identity of the user is always secure and hidden when it is connected via proxy. When an internet connection is established, it looks like it is done through simple wires and cables. But that is so not the case when you look at its technical side. Behind these cables, there lies a complex process which is the reason why proxy networks are normally slow. Your internet connection is established via digital signals. These signals are connected in a fast way but do not ensure fast internet speed. The distance between the router and your computer is traveled slowly. In technical term, it is called “latency”.

The extra distance that is covered when a connection is established is something that slows the internet speed. Now this does not only happen one time, in fact it happens twice. Once when you send a request to the proxy network, and secondly when your request is received and is entertained by the server. At Microleaves, a simple yet fast process is designed just to make sure that a user doesn’t have to face this problem.

Fast Proxy Network at Microleaves

At Microleaves, the proxy networks are fast because of the virtual private network. A VPN works in the same way to hide your online presence. And yet there are many other features which ensure fast internet speed. No matter which proxy type you use Microleaves guarantees high anonymity with fastest internet speed. Along with that, it is also guaranteed that each proxy works perfectly fine any type of software or device. A user can easily surf through the internet without having to worry about the disconnection or instability of the internet.  For more information, it is highly recommended that you contact the online support at Microleaves.

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