A Complete Guide on Residential Proxy Network

A Complete Guide on Residential Proxy Network

Are you a proxy user? Well of course you are, and that is also why you are here to learn what residential proxy is. In simple words, the residential proxies are one of the proxy types which are strictly used at the residence. Talking about the network of residential proxy, it is designed with the multiple IP addresses and servers. When you purchase a residential proxy network, a DSL is installed at your residence, to establish a network connection. Microleaves is one of the best residential proxy service providers and they have made it very easy for the user to understand how it actually works. There are many other service providers but once you purchase from them, they do not offer sufficient features. To know more about residential proxy network, let’s take a look at its features.

Unable To Block IP Addresses

One of the best features offered by residential proxy network at Microleaves is that a user is never blocked.  You must be aware of the fact that frequent visits to any websites can easily get you flagged. All the user requests are sent and received via special network which works through P2P network and residential IP addresses. So each time user sends the requests through a different IP address, there is no way he can get noticed. Not only do the websites, giant search engines like Google does not let a user enter multiple requests either. This is where you get to fool the Google with multiple IP addresses.

Multiple Locations

Along with not being able to get noticed, Microleaves offers another great feature to its residential proxy network clients. No matter where you are located, you can easily access the IP address of any country. This feature is specially made for those who have to visit websites of different countries. Including USA, a user can easily access the IP address of any place in the Europe, Asia or Canada etc. These IP addresses can be switched any time without much of a hassle.

Fast And Stable Internet Connection

The list of amazing features goes on and on and yet comes another superb feature of residential proxy network. It is evident that a user gets frustrated if the internet connection is instable or had a slow internet speed. Fortunately, that is not what you face with Microleaves residential proxy network. As a plus with fast internet speed, a user is able to surf the internet without any instability in connection. Many people are able to scrape data in a fast way which eventually saves them a lot of time.

Process And Installation

I know all the network related things sound very much complicated to a normal person but Microleaves provides a user-friendly system. To avail the residential proxy services, you simply need to visit Microleaves and choose the most suitable package. Once you have chosen the package, their tech team would review your requirement and come at your place to do the installations.

More Features With Residential Proxy Network

Just when you thought the list of amazing features has ended, we bring yet another list. To ensure customer satisfaction, the support team at Microleaves is available 24 hours to help a user with its queries. From choosing the right package to resolving technical errors, the team helps clients with all their matters. Moreover, a dedicated control panel is granted to the client where he is able to customize the settings as per his preferences. A user can also set a password to the control panel so that nobody else is able to access the panel. In case of any questions or queries, it is highly recommended that you visit Microleaves.com.

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