What is the Backconnect proxy and how to use them

What is the Backconnect proxy and how to use them

Most people around the world are not sure about why they need to use the Backconnect proxies.  Are you unsure on how these proxies work? Well, the answer is very simple than you thought earlier.

By signing up to our service, it is possible to scrape data from search engines or even from the web in general without any fear that your IP address will be blocked.

How? The reason is that the technology we apply will ultimately offer you with thousands of private IP addresses.

backconnect proxies
With our Backconnect proxies, they are completely anonymous. In facts, we provide automatic IP rotation in every account.

The rotational proxies will allow you to generate an increased number of search requests at one time. The reason is that in every single application you send out will always come from unique IP address, especially while scraping for data.

What are Backconnect Proxies?

You may be familiar with the concept of proxies and why the trend of using proxies is increasing both for business and personal purposes.

Just think for a while that why people out there are paying little extra to buy proxies? Because it ensures their safety while surfing on the internet or doing other things like web scrapping.

They don’t get blocked by any web server. They can remain anonymous while extracting data from different websites. So, for internet marketers the use of proxies is essential.

You may have heard about different kinds of proxies as well, like shared or dedicated proxies. One of the best kinds of these proxies is a backconnect proxy.

What are backconnect proxies? How do they function and how do they differ from other regular proxies? In this post, we will discuss this in general so you may have a rough idea about these proxies.

Defining Backconnect Proxies

A backconnect is same as of other regular proxies. It acts as a buffer between your computer and web server. Using these proxies you will have same configuration and connections through ports. these proxies are coming from different types of server. Instead of using one server machine, the owner will use a multitude of server machines to handle your requests.

So, essentially your IP will change every single time you send a new request to the web server. They provide you more anonymity than other regular proxies.

How does it work?

It is important to know how they work.  Think of surfing on the internet with your real IP address and your real location.

If you want to change your IP or hide your identity to remain anonymous, backconnect proxies work very well for your purpose.

Every time you want to search something new, your IP will change. This trait makes these proxies more reliable than other regular proxies.

Backconnect Proxy Server

While using normal proxies you will have a single server machine that will handle your requests. That is not the case with the backconnect proxies.

When you send requests through these proxies, there is a large network of server machines that uses multiplicity of configuration dealing with your requests.

So, it is the matter of quite complicated large network. Think of it as a big pool of hundreds or thousands of machines connected together. So, the risk is extended over a wider area. It provides more safety and more anonymity.

To understand more, let’s say you type something in a search engine, connection A will send it to the server and connection B will bring back the results for your search.

You choose to open a specific website from search results, now connection c will carry your request to the web server and so on.

The main thing is that the IP address or connection will change with every new request, offering you thousands of IP addresses every time you use internet. Moreover, it allows you to send many requests at the same time.

Benefits of backconnect proxies

Now when we you have a clear answer of, what are backconnect proxies?  It’s a time to discuss some advantages of using these proxies.

  1. The major advantage of using backconnect proxies is a large number of search requests per minutes you can make on the internet. As we know some search engines like Google responds to only limited number of request for any single IP at any given time. Sometimes you get banned for exceeding that limit on a daily basis. With the help of using backconnect proxies, your IP will keep changing every time. So, you can make as many requests as much you want per minute.
  2. Online marketers use different kinds of web scrapping software to extract data from different websites, so, they are at high risk of getting blocked from some websites. Sometimes they are blocked permanently from some websites. Often they have to find any keyword ranking on the internet or managing hundreds of social media accounts, so for making many requests from single IP address they get blocked from different websites. With the help of using backconnect proxies, it is safer to do web scrapping or mass search without any fear of getting banned from any server.
  3. When we use regular proxies, our IP address will appear same all the time on the internet. Thus it is easy to know the location of static IP. Using back connect proxies, our IP will keep changing all the time. So there is no fear of revealing your location. It provides you with more anonymity and security.

One of the biggest advantages of using backconnect proxies is that it will mask your original country location. You can change your location or IP address to many different countries, thus, proving you more protection. That is why we insist you to know about backconnect proxies” along with their advantages.

What are the benefits of anonymous proxy?

Well, it assists you to protect your location, habits of browsing and your working preferences such as playing the game online and shopping. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in other words, will observe your request as coming from various places or locations rather than your IP address only.

Does it have any benefit?
Absolutely. The chances of your address being block decrease to non-existent. If you realize that you are prevented from accessing any website, our Backconnect proxies will permit you access to any site or search engine blocked.

What are the differences between private and shared proxies?

Well, proxies are intermediaries that are used by either individuals or companies, especially when working on the internet.

A proxy acts as a buffer between the internet and you. Backconnect proxies allow for anonymous surfing of the web and are capable of hiding the IP address of the user.

Shared proxy always serve many users. If your company decide to use a shared proxy, it means that a large number of people will have access to the proxy, and not just an individual. Although most experts of technology warn against shared proxy server, they have some benefits.

Most shared proxies are inexpensive because sharing a proxy allows your company to share the cost of the server. They are also useful to those people who use several proxies rarely, especially for few hours.

Some shared or public proxies can be helpful with some software of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that requires harvest data from the internet, specifically for keyword or page ranking.

What are the demerits of using free public or shared proxy server?

Apparently, Open shared proxies are not reliable. The way those numerous individuals use this proxy server in that meantime, they tend to over-burden the transfer speed and sometimes to abandon you with a frustratingly moderate website experience.

Despite the fact that a proxy server can not have excessive clients, people who use it can mishandle the proxy’s capacities which subsequently result to slowing it down to the rest of its users.

Open proxy servers do not guarantee for full security. They are not famous for being play fields for spammers and programmers. In facts, due to a large number of individuals using the public servers, the chances of you being hacked are not that significant. Your personal data and credit card details are not secure through shared proxies.

What Is Dedicated Proxies?

An individual only uses private proxies, and it is a dedicated IP address that offers a high level off anonymous.

Private proxies usually deliver some serious advantages over public or shared proxies. It successfully avoids you from being blocked by your search engine. It also hides your MAC or IP address while protecting your privacy and adding an extra layer of security.

Private proxies usually provide an entirely anonymous surfing on the internet. When you browse or use any website, it is crucial to note that you leave digital footprints in term of IP address.

Therefore, everyone including the spammers and hackers can easily see you when you are online. A private proxy server guarantees your IP address to remain invisible.

In facts, private proxies are very high regarding on speed because no one else is using it. It can also circumvent some types of blocked websites hence guarantee you an ability to bypass firewalls and filters.

Using dedicated private proxy, your also have the capacity to unblock various applications and also bypass numerous internet restrictions. For instance, you can unblock Facebook, YouTube, Twitter among others that are restricted to your access by your IT administrator. They offer a unique internet address which is dedicated only to you.

Backconnect now offers premium private proxies. Our dedicated proxies are fast, secure and compatible with millions of websites.if you want to surf privately, we can now give you the anonymity you crave. Note that you will receive your personal proxies which are active and highly confidential every time.

To meet your privacy needs, we use various subnets that we then assign to you together with your account. Apart from you, nobody else has access to any point. With our proxies, we also support all the HTTP protocol and HTTPS.

Why to use dedicated proxies?

Dedicated proxies offer a perfect solution for any individual, especially those who are serious about the internet marketing.

For those people who are interested in internet marketing through social media, the proxies make it easier for them to create multiple accounts, specifically on the most popular websites, which make them able to inflate their followers and likes artificially.

Dedicated proxies will make your life easier, in particular through internet marketing, while preventing your anonymity.

Can I test dedicated proxies before buying?
Due to abuse, it becomes somehow hard to offer free proxies for testing. However, you can purchase a proxy and see how it works. Then decide according to your purpose, if the product did not suit you required use, you could request for the full refund of your money within three days.

Google scraping is one thing done by most of leading Search Engine Optimization individuals and companies because they require very fast results with the shortest time possible.

In normal circumstances, Google search takes some microseconds to complete a single search. However, within that period, Google will factor in the IP address, knows more about your web browser and all other things found in the user.

Now, when you want to collect a significant amount of data on the internet, it is then important to use some shielding or IP hiding service that will assist you to mask your identity. You need to ensure that your campaigns for SEO will be able to collect all the necessary data, and also prevent any bad thing from happening.

Are you Data Mining or Screen Scraping? What is the difference?

Screen scraping primarily refers to the process where you use a software or a computer program to extract information from various websites. It varies from searching, crawling or data mining because you are not indexing every concept on the page.

Screen scrapers just obtain precise information which is usually selected by the user. In facts, when you need to do price, real-time and product comparisons, acquire data sets, or achieve a web page, you can apply screen scraping.

On the other hand, data mining involves automatic search to massive stores of data. After all, to accomplish all these, you need to ensure that your IP address and personal details are kept secure. Backconnect proxies are excellent in making sure that the website you are getting data from doesn’t recognize your real IP address or even record it.

How? Backconnect proxies usually rotate your IP by providing a new unique address after ten minutes which make your search engine difficult to note it.

Purchasing high-quality Backconnect proxies from reliable supplier

When you buy anything, you typically go for the most famous brands. At those outlets, you are guaranteed for the high-quality of the product or service and have an incredible longevity.

The exclusivity of the Backconnect proxies is that it is possible to run your campaigns without any worry. It is wise before you get into proxies specifics, to understand all about the ethical quandary of Google scraping.

Microleaves provides some common types of proxy servers. They include HTTP/S and SOCKS 4/5 at the same time. They are the two main types of proxy server currently. “HTTP/S and SOCKS” refers to which section of network protocol they apply to work.

In facts, HTTP is the standard and any device software which can use a proxy server can also use HTTP. SOCKS is less famous, and most software does not support it. It is stronger than HTTP because it can send a huge amount of traffic through a proxy server.

What is the difference between Datacenter and Residential proxies?

Residential proxies are IP addresses from standard internet service provider (ISP). They are often wired directly into your premise through a cable or DSL.

In most cases, especially in U.S, there are few number of proxy providers who will offer you with a connection to the internet. They usually provide you with an IP address that will be registered as coming from the ISP.

The Datacenter is IP addresses that originate from a secondary corporation and do not connect to your home. The Datacenter does not have an affiliate from the ISP, and they do not offer internet service to you.

Instead of all these, they change or hide your IP address detected by your search engine. Backconnect proxies contain residential IP addresses which usually rotate and change your IP within ten minutes. In facts, Backconnect is the biggest p2p proxy network on the market, having more than 26 million of Residential IPs.

IP rotation proxy or Backconnect is a gateway IP which is based on Proxy system. It enables you to connect to multiple SOCKS 4/5, HTTPS or CONNECT using a single static gateway port and IP. The SOCKS 4/5 and HTTPS proxies are a mix of both premium or exclusive and verified public proxies.

The proxy consists of a 100% uptime. Therefore, instead of configuring an individual or private IPs, you just set up a single gateway IP that contains a designated port and also a gateway server, and then re-route your connection to a private proxy IP. Each time you connect to the proxy IP, you connect to various proxy servers which are located in different countries.

A single gateway for IP and Port usually combine the proxies. Each connected port is re-routed to different HTTPS or SOCKS 5 proxy IPs in multiple nations. Note that our Backconnect proxies performance or speed depends on the type of your proxy or protocol, either HTTPS or SOCKS 5.

It can also rely on the particular website you are posting or scraping on. It is important to note that the proxy gateway server, location, and specifications of your computer or server from which you will be accessing our proxies service from can also play a factor in its performance.

How do all these work?
It follows some simple steps to use our Backconnect proxies services. First, you have to set up your account by signing up. We then provided with different unique ports from our server.

The port automatically connects whenever you try to run your proxies. Finally, it will then offer you complete access to a massive database of IPs which will allow you to run different search engines without any fear about anything might happen.

In facts, our services go extreme to provide proxies from various countries and locations all around the world. By offering our Backconnect service to a wide range of users, it increases your level of anonymity. We use proxies from various countries such as U.S.A, U.K, Russia and an entire host of other nations.

The following is a procedure on how to configure proxy in GSA Search Engine Ranking.

  1. Add the Backconnect proxies gateway IP and also the corresponding ports for each and every Testing the proxies in GSA Search Engine Ranking may fail in some cases, but it does not mean Backconnect is not working. It is recommended to ignore that test and proceed to use that proxy.
  2. Add some additional settings to your proxy setting. Here, set a high timeout value, about 120 seconds (recommended). Depending on your system capacity, set the number of threads. On this part, we recommend a maximum of 500 threads. For better performance, enable the proxy and keep it functioning.

Backconnect proxies work 24/7. Always remember that you are redirected to multiple large back-end proxy IPs.

Some of these IPs may timeout quickly or even fail to respond 100% of the time. Such occasions are considered normal, and you should not take any mean to say that the gateway proxy server is dead.

What will I do?
You may be required to test the proxy multiple times before you succeed. You should expect the proxy to work and perform excellently without testing, once your IP address authentication is complete for the Backconnect proxy.

IP rotation proxy for web data scraping and mining service offers you an automatic worldwide and U.S.A IP rotation. In facts, Backconnect premium public HTTPS and Shocks 5 proxy provides an ideal tool for web data extraction and scraping.

Thousands of verified and premium SHOCKS 5 and HTTPS servers are situated in various countries worldwide and made more accessible through redundant gateway servers.

In facts, the uniqueness of our proxy service, its reliability, fast, fully redundant and automatic nature makes Backconnect the most famous and popular proxy server.

Benefits of Backconnect proxies for Web scraping campaigns

  • Getting different and quick results: it is well known that search engines such as Google usually use automatic software to extract results. When it find massive search inquiries originating from a particular IP address, the next step is blocking or blacklisting that IP address which prevents them from accessing to any data. Even if you are human, and trying to get access to the same IP, you might not be able to surf, or it may take you a long time. With an entire batch of Backconnect proxies, you will not only use automated software to extract data from your search engine but also you will get the data extremely fast, and all of them are unique.
  • Keep your privacy: Backconnect proxies keep your IP address cycling among each other, even if you are using automated software, which in turns ensure extraction of a particular data with less time possible. Backconnect proxies make sure that all the sensitive data and personal details are kept secure, and not susceptible to any hacking attempts.
  • SEO tools: our Backconnect IP rotation proxies function excellently with some SEO tools such as SER, GSA, Xrumer, Senuke among others. Backconnect proxies, unlike other proxy providers, offers countless threads for just a little fixed amount.

Never worry about the rate limits. 🙂

You can then move on and use different types of scraper software without having too much concern about reducing the overall power or speed limits or of the software itself.

The way it works means that it is impossible for Google to pull together multiple requests that appear to originate from a single person into a particular rate limit. Therefore, you can set up the software that you are using and simply let it fly.

You can bounce things through different countries. With the way in which these back connect proxies are set up, it does mean that you can go ahead and have IP addresses from different countries working just one after the other, so your real nation is then hidden.

As you can imagine, this gives you a greater chance of security again, although it is good to be careful with the countries that you choose as some are frowned upon and with no time they will raise suspicion.

For those people who are looking at an increased level of security, protection and ability to perform more with their scraping then Backconnect proxies are one way for you to go on.

They are somehow expensive to operate compared to the standard types of proxies, but their capabilities mean that they must worth it. Backconnect proxies are somehow complicated to set up.

All these work is carried out for you by our company which supplies you with Backconnect proxies. The thing you are required to conduct is to set up the account, by signing up, and then follow some simple instructions.

Microleaves Backconnect Proxy

Most people do not recognize the difference between Backconnect and Direct proxy. An end user typically feels no significant difference. Note that direct proxy contains a list of different IP addresses which have an arbitrary port.

This means that all the proxy servers provide their external IP addresses and you can directly connect to it. As I mentioned earlier, Backconnect proxy is a proxy type that has access to a particular gateway server which does not contain any external IP.

Stated differently, you have to connect to a single IP address that consists of different ports. The connection is then transmitted to multiple proxies which contain different IP addresses.

The one and only drawback of this type of technology are that it lacks a clear list of IP addresses.

However, due to our concern to you, we have managed to bypass this restriction and in the case of necessity, only add a proxy key to your link.

Why would I require that Backconnect proxy at all?
just imagine that you need taking thousands of actions on a secure web or websites per minute on various online service that have the feature of blocking multiple requests from a single IP address. For example, consider an online service that allows an individual to get a particular data for a maximum of five times per each IP address.

Then using about 50.0000 proxies will offer access to 250.000 information, instead of five. It is wise to consider that about 80% of IPs in our daily services update automatically.

Are there any request limitations or bandwidth with the automatic rotation proxies?
In Backconnect proxies, we do not limit the throttle or bandwidth in your connections, especially when using automatic rotation proxies.

it is possible to run as many queries as you automatic software allows and for this reason, we happy that we have secured permanent clients who strictly prefer our services compared to other companies that usually limit the user’s connections.

Some even force you to pay extra charges for the higher number of concurrent request, which is contrary to our services. Our proxies allow you to run a large volume of concurrent requests, where we assign a unique IP address for each application to ensure faster extraction of data.

While using SEO tools, there is no limitation on the thread or connections you simultaneously run with our Backconnect proxies.

In this case, threads are automatically dispersed, in a fair manner, to all current users on that system at a given period. Furthermore, you are free to set a certain number of threads according to your system resource- RAM and CPU.

The actual threads you can set will highly depend on the threading capacity of your network and our system. In facts, you can achieve up to 1000 threads, according to your system conditions while the same number of threads will charge you thousands of dollars per months in the competitors, proxy providers.

Why do you offer only a single pair of port for each proxy protocol?
Most people think that Backconnect proxies involve having many ports. Our IP rotation proxies or Backconnect proxies always operate quite differently, especially from the normal Backconnect proxies you have ever used, where multiple ports are assigned. The number of threads or connections do not rely on the port numbers, contrary to what most people believe.

A single port can easily support as many threads as possible, in facts, more than 100k threads. You can achieve these criteria provided the system is highly optimized, using the right technology.

How do you achieve it?
We always use special technology that usually makes it possible for our IP rotation proxies to support an enormous number of threads per a particular port, which then span over many threads.

How do I authenticate to your proxy server?

Well, our automatic IP rotation or Backconnect proxies always use IP addresses which are based on authentication only. In facts, we do not offer either username or password authentication, as most people think. From our control panel, you can switch your IP address at any time.

Note that you can only authenticate to our proxy servers with only a single IP address at a time. However, in case you require a password or username authenticated SOCKS 5 proxies, you can only look on our premium Private shared SOCKS 5 service.

It is also to note that you can choose the proxy location you want. It is entirely possible to access the USA geolocated Backconnect proxies and also random worldwide proxies.

Scraping Amazon Product Details

What are the benefits of scraping Amazon product details?
There are a variety of benefits on why you require scraping data from this website. You might be a retailer who would like to maintain a database, especially on competitive pricing, where you can get information on the prices fluctuation for matching.

Retailers always need to keep a competitive all the time. The data helps In computing so that you do not fall extremely behind the profit limits and not to marginalize them above the Amazon pricing. In this manner, you may get some traffic or customers diverted to Amazon website, thereby losing a lot of money.

To understand more about the potential descriptions and the pricing of an individual product, you require to scrape the Amazon data through various methods and maintaining it.

Doing this on your side, especially without Backconnect proxies, becomes a tough task and sometimes blocked by this website. The automated software will carry out this task, and you need not worry about any arising issues. The only thing you require is to have an average knowledge about the Amazon interface.

It is also wise to understand what you need to do to avoid the gaze put in place by Amazon, towards people scraping their precious data.

Why do I need to use software or Backconnect proxies when scrapping data from Amazon?
You need to understand that Amazon consists of more than enough moderator. Moderators are people with high capabilities of banning your from their website, especially when they record your IP address, without even saying hello. It is wise to tread carefully, understanding all about the vitality of using the Backconnect proxies.

Amazon website is very liberal, especially when it comes to issuing a ban on your IP address. Currently, most people are complaining about how swiftly they were prohibited from accessing any Amazon information.

Most of these people never used an automatic IP rotation, such as Backconnect. By the utilization of these proxies, it becomes tough for Amazon website to record your exact IP address. It will then hinder them from restricting your movement on their website, due to your anonymity.

The fact is that each and every website records your IP address for any request you make. Therefore, sending more requests, you will get that your IP address will be blocked from accessing any data or information on that particular website, especially when you send too many queries using keyword ranking software.

Backconnect proxies are therefore useful and recommended, to avoid this from happening.

If we consider it in SEO perspective, search engines usually frown upon their engine being hit various times by the same IP address in short period.

Note that unreliable proxy servers may also affect the achievement of your business. Currently, it is essential to take your time to explore the proxy server you need to purchase.

In facts, when obtaining a proxy online, it would be great if you search for a standard component such as making sure that HTTP, HTTPS, SHOCKS 4/5 and SSL are all supported. Geographical location is also an essential thing when it comes to index ranking.

Speed and uniqueness are another important elements when selecting a proxy.

Backconnect meets all the specifications needed to deliver a high-quality service. I would prefer you go for Backconnect proxies for your high data mining, top privacy, security, anonymity, data scraping and any other type of scraping.

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