Advantages of Using a Backconnect Proxy

Advantages of Using a Backconnect Proxy

For people with a little to no experience with proxies, the hell lot of proxy types available online are a source of big confusion. If you are one of those guys who has been searching over the internet for a suitable proxy, you might have come across a proxy type named the backconnect proxy.

Before moving on to the real topic, which is telling you about the advantages of backconnect proxy, we assume that you know a bit about proxies; why they are used and how they operate etc. If you don’t about this stuff, you might want to go back to the blog and pick a post that provides information on the basics of proxies.

This blog is solely dedicated for the backconnect proxies. In this blog, we will tell why you should prefer backconnect proxies for any type of job you do online. We are confident that the list of advantages given here in this blog will make you help you making a better decision for yourself regarding proxies. So let’s get started!

What is a Backconnect Proxy?

The purpose of dedicating the very first section for the definition of backconnect proxy is simple; to make things simple and clear for the newcomers by providing them a simplest possible explanation of backconnect proxies.

Backconnect proxy is same as any other proxy in its functions; what only differs is the type of server that it comes from. In other words, backconnect proxies have all the capabilities to function like any other proxy out there. However, the type of servers that drives the IPs are different in their properties. The difference is only for good because the different nature of servers only enhances the performance of the backconnect proxies. You will agree to our statement once you read the advantages of the backconnect proxy. So let’s start with the advantages of backconnect proxies without any delay.

Better Speed

The first and foremost thing that proxy users want from their proxy network is the good speed. And a backconnect proxy delivers that just right to its users. Proxy users need speed on multiple IPs and backconnect proxies easily cater to such speed requirements.

The secret lies in the structure of the servers on which the backconnect proxies are based. Apart from the server structure, there is one more technical feature that makes the work with backconnect proxy more efficiency and effective. An IP has to keep a certain data limit while working on big sites such as Google and Facebook.

Whenever an IP crosses the limit the sites block the IP instantly. On the other hand, if multiple IPs are used in place of a single IP to process the same amount of data, the sites won’t be able to detect any suspicious activity because the data load is now shared among multiple IPs and the data limit on each IP remains intact. This way, the proxy users can leverage a backconnect proxy to accomplish more work in less time.

Better Anonymity

When compared to other proxy networks, a backconnect proxy is more anonymous and secure to work on. The reason is the variety of IPs that the backconnect proxy offers to its users. It gets nearly impossible for the websites to track the real identity of the user if he uses many different IPs at once.

Having said that, users should also not get too relaxed here; because no proxy provides fool-proof security and anonymity. The security protocols are changing every day and getting stronger and stricter than ever. This calls for the proxy users to practice caution in every step they take.

Better Data Rates

Having multiple IPs from multiple sources means that you can simultaneously run various different apps and tools to send and receive data. This not increases the overall efficiency of your work but also puts an end to the data limit that you have to follow on other proxy networks. The IPs coming from different geo locations and different DNS servers never put a doubt on the target websites. So, if you are running applications that run insanely fast, you can let them play without any worries!

Better ROI

Backconnect proxy networks are a little more expensive than the other network types. The reasons are obvious; backconnect proxies offer everything better than other networks. Hence, a high price tag is totally justifiable with them. But if you are a prudent investor who knows that working with proxies is not a stint of a few days, you will know that you are actually saving more than spending with backconnect proxies. If you accomplish every task on time or even sooner, you will earn many times more than what you could do with other networks.


Choosing backconnect proxy network helps a user in doing work fast and with more anonymity. Users get a flexible and reliable source to work their way around on the internet. Moreover, they are able to accomplish their business goals way faster than ever. If you are looking for a proxy network that helps you achieve your goals, the backconnect proxy is one of the best options for you.

Just keep one thing in mind, not all the sellers sell equally good proxies. You need to look for a reliable vendor of proxy networks before handing out your hard earned money to someone. Micoleaves is a reliable name in the industry that can help you get some good proxy network at affordable rates. You can tie up with them and discuss your business requirements; you will not only find a good network solution but also get expert advice on managing your proxy network on the web.

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