5 Things To Know Before You Buy Backconnect Proxies

Buy Backconnect Proxies

5 Things To Know Before You Buy Backconnect Proxies

In a recent article, we have discussed in detail how a great proxy design can keep you keep off the radar of hackers and attackers. Now, as tempting as it might sound to go with a package straight away, here are a few things that you should know before you buy backconnect proxies.

These tips will save you a lot of research time. I will try to cut than many technicalities involved and explain in a lay man’s language.

We already know that there are a number of types of proxies. In this specific article, we will focus backconnect proxies. A backconnect proxy ensures that whenever you access a web page, your IP address is automatically switched. The IPs are selected from a huge pool of millions of IP addresses.

Assess your needs

The first and foremost important thing to do is to know what you need. Either you are going to buy backconnect proxies for a personal use or you want to fulfill some business needs, you need to list down the key requirements. There is going to be a lot of difference between your personal and business needs.

For example, for personal use, you might need a few ports with support for social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. On the other hand, for your business needs, you might want a lot more ports with great performance. You might also want to keep in mind how much bandwidth you are going to need and the number of IP addresses that you are expecting to make use of.

You can also make a list of every operation that you are going to carry out with these proxy servers. Either you are going to use it for just browsing or perform advanced tasks like data mining, data scrapping and crawling etc. So, to buy backconnect proxies, this is going to be your first step.

Estimate your budget

Let us be very frank about the fact that backconnect proxies cost a lot of money compared to the normal proxies. If you want to buy backconnect proxies, you need to estimate your budget keeping in mind the need assessment that I hope you have done in the first step. If you want to use the proxies for personal use, you can compromise a bit on performance and focus on securing your online identity.

In case you have a business, you would like to have everything balanced so that you get the full potential from the proxies to keep your business running. High-performance operations, you would need more ports which means you will have to increase your budget. You need to assess all these factors. Only then you would be able to estimate a budget that you can afford.

Choose a Package

Now that you have both your needs and budget in hand, you can go ahead and visit some websites from where you could buy backconnect proxies. To make sure you get an idea on how much is it going to cost you, you can always visit websites like Microleaves.com.

They have great packages for dedicated, shared, residential and backconnect proxies. Go through the basic and special packages to see which ones are closer to the requirements and budget that you have in mind. You can then pick two or three packages that you think are the best fit for your needs.

Read reviews

Once you are done picking packages, you can search the internet for reviews about that service. You need to make sure that you end up picking the right package. You can read generic reviews to get an idea of the company and the kind of service there are providing.

Furthermore, you can read package specific reviews to know what other people have to say about that package. This will help you in understanding how a specific package works under and given scenario.

If you want to buy backconnect proxies based on reviews, don’t ever get your information from a single website. Go ahead and visit the official social networking profiles of the business and see what people have to say.

Sometimes companies fabricate reviews and it is hard to tell if they are real or fake. You can ask around in forums and question/answer websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. The opinion of members of these websites is very useful and accurate. You will get a great insight about the company and their services within no time.

You can go forth and back about the various companies and their packages that you have listed in the previous steps. It will help you funnel down the company and the exact package that could best cater your requirements within the budget that you have set.

Place an order

Once you are done reading reviews to buy backconnect proxies and have finally decided to go with a package, go to the official website of that company. Make sure that the website is encrypted through a digital certificate. Sometimes websites have the order section hosted on a sub-domain or even a domain different from the root domain.

In this case, you should make sure that a digital certificate is in place. You can always view the certificate information by clicking the green button in the address bar of the browser while you are viewing that website.

To buy backconnect proxies, encryption of payment information is very important. You should look into the payment options and select the most feasible option. The one that is more secure in comparison to the other options that you can pay with.

For example, if the company accepts payments through a credit card and Paypal, you should go with the later. Paypal is more secure while credit cards have their issues when it comes on online payments. After you enter your payment information, you can place the order to buy backconnect proxies.


Although as simple as it might sound to buy backconnect proxies online, there are a number of things that you need to take care of. These steps will help you not only select the best package but also help you securely place an order.  If you need to go ahead with the package selection, you can visit Microleaves.com and explore their various basic and special packages. This is where you can buy backconnect proxies with a simple order process.

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