5 Reasons To Buy Backconnect Proxy For Data Mining

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5 Reasons To Buy Backconnect Proxy For Data Mining

Data mining is a process in which users try to discover useful patterns from large chunks of data. This large chunk of data is usually known as big data. There are different methods to carry out the different operations for data mining.

Data mining is a state-of-the-art method to derive meaningful results from big data. It involves technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems. In this article, I will try to give you five reasons why you should buy backconnect proxy for your data mining operations.

Data mining itself is a complicated process. It requires both state-of-the-art hardware and software. In this article, we will specifically talk about the software part. Whatever reasons you are using data mining operations for, here are a few reasons to buy backconnect proxy.

Hide your IP Address

Data mining takes a lot of time especially when you are operating on large amounts of data. When you try the various operations through a normal network, the network at another end can blacklist your original IP address. The reason behind this is that most websites restrict same IP address from sending lots of requests. For data mining, you will need to send an enormous number of requests in a short span of time. This will lead to getting your IP address banned.

Hence, when you buy backconnect proxy, it will hide your original IP address and replace it with a temporary one from an existing pool of IP addresses. With each request, the IP address will switch to a new one. This way, the host will not be able to trace your original IP. Also, it will keep your IP from getting blacklisted.

Hiding your IP address during data mining process is the first step. You cannot move forward without the assured that the proxy is taking care of hiding your identity. If an individual or a network is able to expose your identity, it will certainly affect your business and personal needs. This is why you should buy backconnect proxy and move forward with peace of mind.

Unlimited bandwidth

When you decide to buy a buy backconnect proxy, you are automatically given unlimited bandwidth. Given the sizes of your packets, your limited bandwidth might flush within no time. You need to have unlimited bandwidth so the operations do not seize at any stage of the whole data mining process.

Authentic companies like Microleaves.com have a great network that allows you to enjoy performing data mining related operations. This operation would otherwise be not possible with a standard network without a proxy in place. Down the line in your data mining process, you will find out that bandwidth plays a pivotal role in getting successful results. So why compromise on something when you can totally escape a bandwidth bottleneck.

Instant scalability

Scalability is a major issue with data mining processes. In the middle of an operation, you might require increasing the number of ports. You might also need to increase the number of IP addresses currently available to you. With a great proxy service provider, you can enjoy the option to scale your hardware and entire package on the go.

When you buy a buy backconnect proxy, make sure to ask the support if the instant scalability option is available with the package you are buying. In some cases, each package comes with its own features. Make sure your package includes this option from the start.

Not all proxy providers have instant scalability in a true sense. You should first read reviews before you buy backconnect proxy. Just to be sure, you can refer to Q/A websites like Quora. Such websites have real members and there is no way a company can get fake recommendations. It will save a lot of time understanding a specific package.

Millions of IP addresses

When you buy backconnect proxy, your service assures you to provide a huge pool of IP addresses. In the case of Microleaves.com, they have a huge list of 26 million IP addresses. It doesn’t matter how long you are going to use the service during a single instance, it will always allocate new IP addresses. Potentially, you will never run out of IP addresses.

This is a huge advantage over the regular proxies. You can take advantage of this useful feature to boost your data mining operations. Just make sure to pick a reliable backconnect proxy service provider and you will not have to worry about the available IP addresses.

Some low-quality proxy service providers rotate blacklisted IP addresses without you knowing. This can cause serious issues on your side. Your data mining operations could get seized. If the proxy IP address has previously been involved in a serious offense, your original IP address could get banned. The only way to keep yourself out of such issues is by choosing a quality service.

Completely Secure

Backconnect proxies are highly secure. They ensure your original IP address remains hidden from the host networks. When you buy backconnect proxy, you are essentially relying on the service provider for your security. With a high-quality service provider like Microleaves, you can trust in their service owing to the positive reviews and recommendations.

No matter how big or small your operations are going to be, your network will always be secured with top-notch practices. Hence, your decision to buy backconnect proxy completely makes sense. Given the nature of operations data mining requires, you can trust no other way to get your work done.


It is very much understandable that data mining is a complicated process. Data mining requires a great deal of network security. It also requires you to keep your IP address anonymous. This means, your identity cannot be exposed to the network in order to avoid your IP address getting blacklisted.

So, go ahead and buy backconnect proxy from a reliable proxy service provider. In a past article, we have already covered an important topic on the important things to keep in mind while buying a backconnect proxy. You can go ahead and read it as well.

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